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I've loved chocolate my entire life. For a time, I listened to a chiropractor who diagnosed me as allergic to chocolate. Then I met Libby, an allergist, who used NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique) to eliminate that allergy. Thank you, Libby! I joined Xoçai™ MXI Corporation, a network marketing company, in October 2006 and have been enjoying their expanding product line ever since.


I started sharing the chocolate more in 2008, loving the taste of the dark Nuggetunprocessed cacao. My favorites are the Nuggets, Omega Squares, and the High Antioxidant Weight Loss System (X-Protein Shake). The Power-X Squares have the most punch for the price. Check out the information and order the products. Buy some healthy chocolate!


My regular vists to give platelets confirm the benefits of eating this delightful chocolate. I have a high platelet count, low blood pressure, and normal chloresterol. All great things. And it tastes fabulous!

MXI Corporation has combined the world's two greatest super foods, raw cacao and açai, to develop the ultimate antioxidant products of Xoçai™. The name Xoçai™ (Sho-sigh) is composed of the first two letters of the Aztec word, “Xocolatl”, an Ancient American cacao drink, and the last three letters of “açai”, the  exotic and healthy Amazonian berry.


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General - the benefits of dark unprocessed cacao

Diabetes - how chocolate can positively impact a diabetic's health

Heart - the benefits of chocolate on the heart and cardiovascular system

Chocolate Research compiled by Dr. Steve Warren

History - Chocolate valued more than gold in ancient times

Aging - Chocolate improves the blood flow to our organs


Weight Loss - The new High Antioxidant Weight Loss System has produced fabulous results