Patricia Smith welcomes you!



Healthy Chocolate


My Life

Imagine a life where you have to eat chocolate daily to be healthy. That is my reality!

NuggetI start with a Xoçai™ Healthy Chocolate Nugget and Omega Square. Using Ask and Let God, I align my glands, organs, and systems. When I get hungry, I have a Xoçai™ X-Protein Meal Shake from the High Antioxidant Weight Loss System with a handful of strawberries, a banana, and some blueberries mixed with purified water from a Nikken water system. I have another Nugget and Omega Square before lunch and another between lunch and dinner. Yum!

I start and end my day with the lessons from A Course in Miracles. I have been part of an ACIM study group for a number of years.

Healing and Writing

I came to Palm Springs from Chicago in 2002 after a stay in Idyllwild to acclimate with the idea of living in the desert. Coming to live in the heat of the desert's summer would initially have been incomprehensible. I've become accustomed to the dry climate.

My path has two major focus: healing and writing.


NuggetsThe search for the healing modality has led me to learn many different things. While still in Chicago, I tried Therapeutic Touch and Ohashi Shiatsu. My move to California coincided with training in the EMF Balancing Technique. Through that training, I heard about the BioGenesis Tools and attended a weekend seminar in Mt Shasta. I found Xoçai™ Healthy Chocolate which allowed me to eat this unprocessed cocoa several times daily for health.

Ask and Let GoI recently read The Future is Yours: Do Something About It! by Raymon Grace and found the basis for my healing passion: Ask and Let God. I've used a pendulum for many years which I've combined with "I ask." In A Course in Miracles language, I ask the Holy Spirit to place my request (I Ask) on the altar for God to handle (Let Go). Each morning I use the pendulum to see if my glands, organs, and systems are good. If any are out of alignment, I "ask" to align that particular piece and "let go," letting the pendlum operate until completion. Usually all indications of dis-ease are resolved. Sometimes what I ask for doesn't manifest, but that's part of the process. I have to let go and trust God. I added forgiveness and found the unresolved issues started to fade.


I started writing before I came to California, but through a series of synchronicities, I started working with Bruce McAllister which helped me tremendously. With his help in a writing group, I found the method to combine my past lives with my current life.

Nude by Terry ChaconParticipating in two different contests caused me to complete two separate books: Speaking My Truth and We Are All Innocent. I pitched We Are All Innocent for first contest, The Next Top Spiritual Author, and intended to use Speaking My Truth for the Hay House Writers Workshop submission. When the president of Hay House Publishing, Reid Tracy, said, "If you have two books, combine them," I thought he was crazy until two new found friends suggested the same thing and I created Everyone is Everything.